Channel Immigration

Dec 18 2021

People traffickers are charging up to £10,000 to bring immigrants to the UK. 

  • We must ask who is funding these people?
  • The Russians or Chinese?
  • ISIS or a middle eastern state?
  • Is it possible they are Islamic "soldiers" entering Britain to wage war?

Whatever the answers to these questions, this form of immigration must stop until we know the answers.

Boris to go

Dec 08 2021

Boris was handed the PMs job on a plate.

Many new MPs were grateful, but now realise that the man that opened the door for them is bolting that same door.

Tories throughout the land want him gone

The downside of immigration

Oct 16 2021

Sir David Amess - stabbed to death by a man from Somalia.

Can his death be attributed to the import of other cultures and alien moral standards?


Jul 22 2021

The NHS app makes it easy to carry proof of jabs.

Why not carry it with you? What is the problem?

Feeding Kids

Oct 28 2020

Who's responsible for making sure kids don't go hungry? - why their parents of course.

Social services are like motorways - build 'em and they'll be used and impossible to revert.

A single mum with 2 kids was interviewed on TV - she said "my kids never go hungry and it makes me mad to see people using smartphones, driving their cars and watching Netflix and then say they can't afford to feed their kids"

She's right of course, although there are bound to be people that have slipped through the net and are genuinely hard up.

Of course, none of us wants to see kids starving, but we must ask why and address the real problem - parents that put other priorities before feeding their family.

During the pandemic, the very and relatively poor are no worse off because they will be the beneficiaries of Universal Credit anyway. However, if there are genuine cases out there Local Authorities must find them and provide support - making sure there is not a shiny new iPhone being used to make the appointment.