Blogs and Newsletters

Blogs, Journals and Newsletters are a cheap and efficient way of sharing information with friends, family, groups or club members via a website (a specific domain name).

Often built around content management systems (CMS), this type of website can be public or private with password protection where necessary.

Above all and for most people, a blog, journal or newsletter should be easy to maintain and add content. We'll work with you to find a solution that matches your skill level and time you have to keep the website up to date.

Using social media to promote your blog or newsletter will help spread your messages further without breaking the increasing number of restrictions on free speech on that media.

Blogs for Taunton Somerset

A Blog of your own

Having a blog of your own can be quite exciting. Use it to let your friends or family what you're doing, making your political views known on current affairs or just an online journal.

Set up with a unique domain name, blogs are yours and yours alone - private or public. A private blog allows a group of friends / family worldwide to have a private place for their exchanges.

If your public blog becomes popular, you may consider adding some advertising content to earn some extra cash - Google Ads are popular and easy to embed into your pages.

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Newsletter websites are popular with clubs, charities and other organisations. Depending on your budget, these range from the simple to complicated. A simple option is an input form to display your latest announcement (added to your website for around £80). Other options include subscriptions or updating your target audience by email each time you add a new article.

For more sophisticated newsletters, there are many "off the shelf" scripts that provide different levels of functionality. These help keep the cost of programming down and are generally quick & easy to integrate into any website.

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