Webpage versus Website?

For small businesses, a web presence is essential and whether you have just a webpage or a full-blown website is down to your business type or budget.

A low-cost single webpage may provide all the information your customers or clients need, e.g. telephone or email address. On the other hand, you may need to broaden the description of your products or services, display photographs or prices and a website would be a better solution.

We always aim to apply all elements of decent web design to our work and each element is explained in detail here.

a Decent Web Page can say it allSometimes a Simple Logo can tell a story

A Business Webpage

A business webpage will cost a fraction of a website. As long as the page is correctly structured, the search engines will list your business page in their results. Your webpage can display a logo, business name, description, location, phone number, secure email form and any other information to inform your customers. A carefully crafted webpage will enable search engines to index your business promptly and efficiently.

Webpages are generally part of a more significant website designed to attract a wide range of visitors.

Decent Design Martham - a Business Page

Business pages for the Martham area are installed on the Martham Business Directory along with a free display advert in the main searchable directory. A business webpage requires the same attention to detail as a website & we incorporate as many web design elements as possible.

Learn more about Martham Business Directory Pages HERE

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A Business Website

A website consists of four essential elements:-

  • A registered domain name
  • An Internet server to host the content
  • A responsive framework in which to display the content
  • The content - text, graphics and photos

The website can consist of a single page (usually with smooth transition between sections). However, a multipage website provides an opportunity to show or explain the broader aspects of your business - search engines will index each page & subject separately.

Decent Design Martham - Business Page

An important part of any website is the content - both pictures and text. The text has to be written in a precise way to ensure optimal search engine optimisation (SEO) and fully grammar and 'spell-checked too. The use of high-quality pictures is essential as they will need to look good on all devices - Desktop PCs to Mobile Phones.

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