Copywriting and Photography


A website is an advertisement for your business. In addition to the regular copywriting rules, content also needs to take into account the technical elements required for Internet marketing. A standard advert would contain the elements Attention, Promise and Sell (APS) - that is, get the attention of your potential customer, make them a promise about your product or service and sell it to them - a website requires these elements too.

However, a web designer's copywriting requires other considerations and skills. Of primary concern are the keywords. These are the words that you expect people to search for to find your business. An example of these would be - hairdresser, hairstylist, stylist, barber, coiffeur, coiffeuse, stylist, salon etc.

Good Spelling & Grammar are just as necessary. Imagine someone searches for a keyword, and they don't find your website because you spelt a keyword wrong! Grammar, on the other hand, says a lot about you and your business - respect goes a long way when you're marketing your business - don't leave it to chance.

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Website Photography

Martham Business Photograpy

The quality of photographs that you use on your website also reflects on you and your business. The two photos above give different impressions, and the perception of others is the deciding factor in whether they react positively to your website. Decent photography is part of our service, and it could be the difference between a successful website and a flop.

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