Decently Asked Questions

  • Martham Web Design FAQ Question: Do I need a webpage or a website?
  • Answer: This depends on your target customers, your type of business and your budget. A webpage is considerably cheaper than a website, yet it may contain all the essential information your customers need - phone, email, location etc. More Info......
  • Web Design SEO Question: What is SEO?
  • Answer: SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the combination of number of skills. This includes the selection of keywords, meticulous copywriting, ensuring accessibility of both bots (web robots) and humans, the provision of incoming links to aid popularity and a few other trade secrets.
  • Martham Web Design FAQ Question: How much is a website?
  • Answer: Decent websites start at around a £100 for a single page site. This includes the cost of a domain name, hosting and small changes to content for 1 year. A multi-page website, copywriting and photography cost a little more but we will provide a firm quote before starting work.
  • FAQ Question: Can I have a private website that only my friends and family can see?
  • Answer: Yes quite simple to do. All pages would be invisible to search engines and a doorway page only known by the intended group - this can be password protected to add extra security.